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Wait List™ Feature Gets Patients In Sooner

DocNow’s Wait List™ feature alerts patients about cancelled appointments the moment they happen, enabling them to see the practitioner faster

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Minimize impact of cancellations
DocNow Wait List™ mitigates the impact of cancellations which enables you to see more patients and provide better care.
Optimize through automation
The AI Wait List™ feature automates the entire backfill appointment process without human intervention.
Improve patient experience 
Wait List™ feature sends notifications to patients as slots become available and provides them an option to book an earlier appointment

One-third of all appointments are cancelled by patients

DocNow’s AI-driven Wait List™ feature automatically offers those cancelled appointments to patients in real-time, allowing them to see practitioners sooner while instantly backfilling open slots

Back-office integration

DocNow fully integrates with your existing EHR/EMR, giving you control to manage and fill open slots quickly and easily, whether in-person or through Telehealth.

Appointments that result in no show or cancellation.
Average $ revenue loss per practice per year.
Daily time spent on cancelled appointments.
“We are changing the game”

Full integration with EHR/EMR

The DocNow platform seamlessly integrates with all EHR/EMR systems to provide a better patient experience


Practices lose $150K revenue on an annual basis to no-shows and cancelled appointments. A survey conducted by the DocNow team in 2019 revealed that 16% patients left due to a cancellation fee charged by the practice. To avoid these issues, Wait List™ feature is a must have for all small and large practices.

Our proprietary AI engine monitors the open slot on the practitioner’s calendar. As soon as a slot is cancelled, notifications are sent to patients scheduled either for the same day or a few days out to come in early if they have selected the Wait List™ feature in the App. The patients are given a timeframe to accept the new appointment or the notification is sent to the next patient in line until the slot is filled. The cycle continues until all appointments are booked in the system.

The Wait List™ is a simple turn on/off feature in the DocNow App. If the patient has not turned on their Wait List™ feature, they will not be notified.

In order for the Wait List™ feature to work, you need membership of DocNow platform

No. The Wait List™ feature  is part of the DocNow solution that comes with the membership along with other features and functionalities.

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