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Our vision is to help change the way healthcare is delivered and received

Affordable quality healthcare is fast becoming a challenge for the majority of Americans. Even those lucky enough to have employer-based plans, personal contributions are high and costs continue to outpace inflation. Furthermore, there are millions of people who are not able to access quality healthcare as they may be either uninsured or underinsured. 

A Practitioner's challenge is highly amplified due to unnecessary insurance paperwork and daily mundane tasks of running an effective healthcare

We've been busy the last sixteen months

Hello World!

Just an Idea

A group of 4 friends got together and saw a fundamental issue with healthcare.

March 2019

Atlanta, GA

The Business Plan

Getting Started

We knew we wanted to change healthcare, not just how it was provided but also how it was received. So we drafted our business plan with "unknown" name.

April 2019

Atlanta, GA

What's your name?


We decided that we had to pick a name that reflected our mission statement, so we went to the drawing board and came up with

May 2019

Houston, TX

Go Build It

First Release

We had been working non-stop trying to release the first DocNow to the public within 10 months, we were successful and got the first batch of doctors interested on our free platform.

April 2020


Make It Enterprise

Changing Healthcare

By now we have really built something that is ready for the market a new sales, marketing, support team is built and we started to built v2.0 of DocNow, we like to call it DocNow Enterprise. We are targeting to release Nov 1st 2020

June 2020

Houston TX

Our Vision

Our vision is to help change the way healthcare is delivered and received by simplifying and enhancing the healthcare experience for both practitioners and patients.

We enable high quality and affordable healthcare for all with our smart digital tools, industry leading features, and innovative platforms providing new opportunities for practitioners and patients to interact.

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