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Why choose Telehealth?

DocNow’s Telehealth solutions allow practitioners to provide treatment to patients via a video or phone call on patient’s smart device. Our HIPAA compliant, HD+ video Telehealth solution helps practitioners reach out to a larger community of patients irrespective of their location to deliver desired healthcare outcomes.

Benefits Of Telehealth

Doctors can check in frequently

In the past, patients saw their doctor once a year, every six months, or once a month. With telemedicine, physicians can check in on their patients as often as they want to. It's a great way to show patients their doctors care about them. It can also motivate patients to take better care of themselves when they know their doctor will be regularly monitoring their progress.

Patients can have peace of mind

Patients may have minor medical concerns that are weighing on their minds. They don't want to go through the hassle of making an appointment and sitting in the waiting room when they have an issue that could be quickly resolved. Their doctor will be able to advise them about the validity of their concerns and if they need to take action.

It’s cost effective

Telemedicine saves money for everyone. Doctors don’t need as many staff members or as large of a facility when they concentrate on virtual appointments. Insurance companies may request lower co-pays when patients choose this option for care. For example, urgent care visits often don’t require a co-pay. Telemedicine could head in that direction as well.

Telehealth Enabled

DocNow’s Telehealth feature delivers the highest-quality HIPAA-compliant HD+ video appointments, which is included in your membership. 

DocNow’s Telehealth feature delivers the highest-quality HIPAA compliant HD+ video appointments

Unlimited video consultations

HIPAA-secured technology

Exceptional HD+ video quality

No set-up fees or hidden costs

Patient billing and payment processing

Practitioner marketing and promotion

Generate revenue and expand your patient footprint


Both terms are interchangeable and describe a way to deliver and receive healthcare by using internet at the convenience of a location of your choosing. In most cases, your practitioner will offer an option to video chat.
Patients will need a mobile device with an integrated camera and microphone and an internet connection. If your device doesn't have a built-in microphone or webcam, you'll need to get those for a Telehealth call.
Patients of all ages regardless of how tech-savvy they are can use the Telehealth platform successfully. The platform is just like making a facetime call on your mobile device
Telehealth is currently being used to treat conditions across many different specialties. Check with your doctor to see what conditions they treat via Telehealth
No. There is no training required to use the DocNow Telehealth platform. It is as simple as using a smart device.
Yes. DocNow Telehealth is a proprietary solution and can only work on the DocNow mobile app. However, the practitioner is not required to download the DocNow mobile app to conduct a Telehealth call. They will manage the Telehealth visit from their PC or Laptop.

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