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The Platform Also Provides Premium Plans with Online Marketing, Telehealth, Cancellation BackFills and Patient Footprint Expansion

DOTHAN, AL – June 1, 2020 – DocNow, a free appointment booking mobile platform with Telehealth features, launched today providing healthcare practitioners with a new way to manage appointments, backfill cancellations and promote their practices without paying any booking fees for in-person appointments.

There are two ways DocNow helps practitioners to grow revenue for primary and specialty care physicians, dentists, physiologists, psychologists, acupuncturists and veterinarians.

Free for 30 Days: Healthcare providers can list their practices and book in-person appoints on DocNow for free for 30 days, creating a new way to be found by patients.

Membership: For just $3000 a year, practitioners gain access to high-value features and tools, including:

• Built-in search engine optimization
• Secure Telehealth that expands footprints
• Proactive social media marketing
• Verified patient reviews
• One-click availability to manage appointments
• Wait-List feature to fill open slots in real-time
• Doctor Dashboard with performance data
• Patient Insights to improve interactions
• Service both in-network and out of network patients

“Unlike other platforms that charge physicians to list their practices and for each in-person booking, DocNow is free to list and does not charge practitioners to schedule appointments,” explained VP of Strategy, Mujib Khan. “We also offer a premium subscription that includes proactive search engine marketing, in-app, HIPPA-compliant Telehealth appointments, seamless EHR/EMR integration and our AI-driven Wait List feature, which instantly backfills cancelled appointments in real-time. This allows healthcare providers to focus on what they do best: delivering quality care and patient outcomes. DocNow is also open to all practitioners – from medical physicians, dentists, psychologists, acupuncturists and veterinarians.”

Many may be unaware that due to the pandemic, medical offices are struggling to keep doors open because of a lack of patients. The American Academy of Family Physicians reported to the LA Times that it is already seeing some practices shutter and that nationwide, widespread closures may be just weeks away. But, patients still need quality care. That’s why DocNow delivers free listings and appointment bookings and practitioners never pay the fees some other platforms demand.

About DocNow

DocNow is a leading-edge AI-driven appointment booking mobile platform with Telehealth features designed to generate revenue for all healthcare practitioners by seamlessly managing appointments, backfilling cancellations, promoting practices and expanding patients footprints. DocNow charges no booking fees to practitioners for in- person appointments and fully integrates with existing EHR/EMR systems. 

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FIRST AI-DRIVEN TELEHEALTH PLATFORM ‘DOCNOW’ LAUNCHES TO PRACTITIONERS AND PATIENTS NATIONWIDE Innovative Mobile-Booking Service Delivers Seamless Integration with Current EHR/EMR Platforms, Allows for Cutting-Edge Client Scheduling


DocNow features a no-booking-fee platform for patients, while offering a low-cost annual subscription service for practitioners to easily integrate into their existing EHR/EMR systems.

The company focuses on easing the pain-points in finding the right practitioner for patients, while creating an effortless healthcare experience from beginning to end for both providers and patients alike. DocNow connects patients to preferred providers through their mobile app, assists in scheduling appointments, allows for verified reviews for patients to choose their practitioner, and utilizes a unique Wait ListTM feature that instantly backfills cancelled appointments, allowing patients to see providers faster and practitioners to keep their schedules booked, all at no additional charge.

Practitioners are able to request a 30-day free trial of the services via the DocNow website.
For more information about DocNow, please visit and download the free mobile app in the App Store or Google Play.

About DocNow

DocNow is the first AI-driven mobile booking platform with Telehealth features designed to generate revenue for healthcare practitioners by seamlessly managing appointments, backfilling cancellations, promoting practices and expanding patients’ footprints. DocNow charges no booking fees to physicians, and fully integrates with existing EHR/EMR systems.


DocNow is a new, AI-driven mobile booking platform designed for all practitioners to help grow their practices and provide a better healthcare experience for patients. DocNow also provides a new way of connecting patients to practitioners with the convenience of smart features that simplify the process of seeing a provider, unlike other major competitors in the market. 

The service allows patients to easily schedule the type of appointments that fit their needs, including both in-office and T elehealth consultations with preferred doctors, psychologists, dentists and even veterinarians.

“DocNow is built by practitioners for practitioners.” said Gregg Soifer MD, and Cofounder of DocNow. “After speaking with other professionals in my field, I decided to build DocNow, a new platform that works seamlessly with EHR/EMR systems and provides everything you need at a lower cost, with no hidden charges.” “We are committed to transforming how people access healthcare in the U.S. We want to deliver a quality, cost-effective healthcare experience for both practitioners and patients by addressing unmet needs and using state-of-the-art technology to drive unified processes.” said Mujib Khan, Cofounder and Chief Strategy Officer.

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Media Contact: Lindsey Kostura |






ATLANTA, GA. (Oct. 25, 2020) – Residents of the Greater Atlanta region can now easily schedule appointments with doctors at the Georgia Clinic via their mobile phone, thanks to a new practice-wide integration of the first AI-driven mobile booking platform, DocNow.

Georgia Clinic utilizes the DocNow platform to connect with patients in the Atlanta area who are in need of quality medical care. Atlanta residents can download the free mobile app, and instantly schedule appointments at any one of the 16 locations where Georgia Clinic is located, allowing for smoother and more efficient scheduling for both patient and provider.

The clinic’s state-of-the-art medical offices are staffed with 20+ American Board-Certified Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants in family medicine and other specialties.

“Incorporating DocNow to our practices across the Greater Atlanta area is the next step in bringing our patients the world-class care that we are known for.” said Naresh Parikh, MD, Cardiology Specialist with Georgia Clinic, “We are always aiming to serve our community with the best in medicine, and now, utilizing the best technology to do so.” he added.

Since the Clinic has integrated the DocNow platform to their practices, patients can search for and book in-person and Telehealth appointments with Georgia Clinic practitioners via a user-friendly mobile app. They have also integrated the DocNow Direct Pay feature, which allows patients to see providers and receive outpatient procedures at one low, monthly rate, without the need for medical insurance.

“We are pleased to provide our innovative technology to a top medical facility in our own neighborhood.” said Frank Wasti, CEO of DocNow. “Our goal is for the community to have access to the finest medical care, while allowing peace of mind in finding the right practitioner for their needs.”

Both Georgia Clinic and DocNow believe in collaboration and using technology to deliver a better patient centric healthcare experience. The advancement and progress that the two companies are making will positively impact the residents of Atlanta, enabling them with more flexibility, along with higher satisfaction and a better healthcare outcome.

About DocNow

For more information about DocNow, please visit the App Store or Google Play.

and download the free mobile app in DocNow is the first AI-driven mobile booking platform with Telehealth features designed to generate revenue for healthcare practitioners by seamlessly managing appointments, backfilling cancellations, promoting practices and expanding patients’ footprints. DocNow charges no booking fees to physicians, and fully integrates with existing EHR/EMR systems.

Media Contact: Lindsey Kostura |

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