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DocNow Plus is an exclusive program where members get a guaranteed 30% discount on all services and procedures at leading Urgent Care facilities.

How It Works?

DocNow Plus is a subscription-based membership, designed to significantly reduce healthcare costs for you and your family. For a low monthly fee, DocNow Plus members are guaranteed to receive a 30% discount from leading Urgent Cares in their area, saving them potentially thousands of dollars annually. There is no minimum or maximum required and the discount is against their published “Self-Pay Fee” schedule.

Memberships start at just $9.99 per month. To become a member, simply complete the form below with your details, you will receive a membership card together with a list of Urgent Care facilities that are happy to accept our members and provide the discount.

Search for Urgent Cares near you with DocNow App and either book an appointment or simply walk-in at your convenience. To receive the discount, show them your DocNow Plus membership card and they will deduct 30% from your final bill. The discount is only available to DocNow Plus members

Monthly Subscriptions

Six Months Subscriptions

$ 11.99 /Month
  • Individual monthly subscription
$ 17.99 /Month
  • Family monthly subscription
$ 9 .99 /Month
  • Minimum 6 months subscription
$ 14.99 /Month
  • Minimum 6 months subscription

Example of savings

A typical visit to an Urgent Care facility usually costs $139 for office visit plus costs for testing, procedures, and any other services. These can range from $20 to over $150 for cash paying patients.

Assume an average visit costs $139 plus $100 for other services, normally your bill will be $239 per person per visit

If you are a family of 4 and visit 2x in a year, your total cost will $1,912. As a DocNow Plus member, you will only pay $1,338, saving you $574. Annual family membership is just $180, so you net savings will be $556. In addition, you will also enjoy the benefits of free DocNow membership and regular promotional offers.

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