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Avoid being on hold at your practitioner's office just to schedule an appointment. Use DocNow’s mobile app to book an appointment in less than 30 seconds, without making a phone call

DocNow appointment Features

DocNow’s feature rich app provides convenience and reliability at your fingertips

3 Click Appointment Booking

Book an appointment using the DocNow mobile app in just 3 clicks, without the constraint of speaking to the practitioner's office. DocNow will confirm your appointment for you

Wait List™

Automatically sign up to be waitlisted if an appointment becomes available sooner. Our proprietary AI platform will notify you immediately of an appointment becoming available


Avoid having in-person appointments with your practitioner due to COVID-19 by using the Telehealth feature offered by DocNow. All you need to do is download our mobile app free of charge

How It Works?

Download the DocNow Mobile App

Create your profile

Enable the Wait List™ and Telehealth Feature

Search for the specialty of your choice

Select the practitioner you desire to see

Book the appointment

Our Customers

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Donna McCluster

I am always on the go and can’t spend time on doing google searches for Physicians and vets for my family and fur babies. I love the fact that I can read the review of the practitioners before I book!

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Fatima Siddiqui

Download the app if you have not already done that. I can’t imagine not having this app on my phone. The convenience of using DocNow is beyond words. I use it for both Physicians and Chiropractors

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Kai Rose

I have used the waitlist feature multiple times now. It actually works. I receive a text message from the physician office and all I have to do is accept the new appointment and that’s it!!

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